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T2X Bus Packages*

Each package comes with ice and water.


Please let us know if you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion.

We want to help make your day a little more special with a gift from Teyana’s Rides.


T2X Package 1
The Teaser
(3 hours)

This 3 hour package is ideal for local events in the Warner Robins, Macon, or Perry area. If you are looking for a quick outing, a relaxing ride, date night, or to visit a local restaurant, sporting event, or museum, this is the party package for you.


T2X Package 2
Turn Up
(4 Hours)

Turn up in style in our limousine party bus to a high school or college football game, prom, homecoming or just have fun with your friends cruising around town.


T2X Package 3
Crowd Pleaser

(6 Hours)

If you are looking to travel a little further and party a little longer, this is the package for you. Whether it is a Falcons/Braves game, birthday celebration at one of the famous clubs, bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, festivals, and many more.


T2X Package 4
Show Stopper
(8 Hours)


This package is perfect for those longer trips or visiting multiple places. You may want to visit Stone Mountain, Calloway Gardens, Downtown Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium, Tailgate, or take a shopping trip to North Georgia. Wherever you decide to go and whatever you decide to do, it’s up to you. Just know that with our limo party bus, you don’t have to worry about driving and trailing friends. You and your friends can rest assured that you will have personal transportation to get there safely; prompt, and free of worries!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a party bus?
Just think of it as your own private party, but on a bus. A party bus provides a whole new level of excitement and endless fun for passengers of all ages, mainly because they offer added space and amenities that make them stand out from regular vehicles and are highly sought after when it comes to big parties. 


What can I do on the party bus?
It’s your party, you can do what you want to do. You can ride around & party on the limo party bus for the entire duration of your charter, bar hop, tailgate or whatever the need calls for. Your vehicle will stay with you the entire duration of your charter.

Are small children allowed on the party bus?
Yes. Small children enjoy the party bus just as much as adults. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (18 or older).


Can we decorate the bus?
Yes, decorating the party bus is allowed. It is the customer’s responsibility to decorate and remove all decorations once their reservation is completed. Please refrain from using glue, adhesives, or anything that might damage the paint, seating, walls, or anything else in the limo party bus. 


What comes with the bus?
We will supply you with ice and bottled water. 


How is the music played on the bus?
Guests can use Bluetooth or use a MP3/USB to play their music while on the party bus. You may play the music as loud as you like.


Can we smoke on the bus?
Unfortunately, No. Smoking is Not allowed on our limo party bus. If at any time you need to stop for a cigarette or bathroom break let our driver know and they’ll be happy to pull over for you as often as you like.


Can I drink alcohol on the bus?
Yes. If you are 21 years or older, you’re welcome to drink on the bus. We do not provide alcohol but guests 21 or older are welcome to bring and drink as much as you like while you are on our party bus. Feel free to stock the built-in bar with as many alcohol beverages as you like.


Can we eat on the bus?
Yes. You may eat on the bus. We ask that you discard all uneaten food and food containers and clean up any dropped food and spills. 


Do I have to tip the driver?
You are not required in any way to tip the driver. However, we consider our chauffeurs the best around and encourage generous tipping when you feel they deserve it.


When does my time begin/end?
Your time begins from the scheduled time of pick up and ends at your scheduled time. Please make sure that you and your friends are on time so that you will have enough time to do whatever you have planned. Also, make sure that you are back at your drop off location by the time scheduled on your reservation.


What if we go past our reserved time?
That's okay. If you are having a great time and want to continue the fun, just let your driver know. You will have to pay the overtime in cash but you will pay the same hourly rate.

What if our event venue charges a parking fee? Am I responsible for paying these fees?
Yes. You are required to pay any parking fees accumulated during your trip. Parking fees are the responsibility of the guest/customer.


What if I left something on your party bus?
Teyana’s Rides LLC is not responsible for articles left in the limo party bus. However, give us a call to see if the item was or can be found by a Teyana’s Rides Team member. 


What kind of entertainment features are there?
Our party bus features HDTVs with DVD players and high-quality audio systems that play CDs and MP3s. It includes color-changing fiber optic or LED lights, and a dance pole. It also has a built in bar and cup holders. 

Our Terms and Conditions 


A non-refundable deposit of $150 will be required to hold all reservations.  A deposit must be made to confirm all reservations.  Deposits can be made by cash or credit card.  To make a payment, please get in touch with a T2X team member @ 478-365-5609



All remaining balances must be paid at least 24 hours before the service date.  No services will begin until all fees are paid in full. 



Cancellations are subject to penalties.  If you pay in full and cancel at least 14 days before your trip, you will receive all BUT the deposit back in the same tender as you paid.  If you pay in full and cancel less than 14 days before your trip, you can ONLY reschedule your reservation.  If you have a balance remaining and cancel less than 14 days before your trip, your credit card on file will be charged the full amount for the reservation.


No Show

A customer’s failure to arrive at the designated pickup location will be charged a “No show” fee for the entire trip amount.  If you cannot locate your chauffeur, you must notify us by phone to avoid a “No Show” charge.  Our Drivers will contact you before and upon arrival.



The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the bus/limousine caused by the client or any party member during the rental duration. In addition, a fee of $100.00 will be charged for each carpet burn, wall burn, or seat burn.



Excessive clean-up, including spills of staining fluids, ANY bodily fluids, or odors, will incur additional clean-up charges for labor and materials of contaminated surfaces – a minimum of $250. In addition, any damages will be billed at the cost of repairs to the credit card on file.



Smoking is not permitted in any of our vehicles.  Any party found smoking will be charged a $150 minimum cleaning fee, and at the driver's discretion, may result in termination of service with no refund.



It is unlawful for minors (under age 21) to possess alcoholic beverages, which will not be tolerated on Teyana’s Rides limo party bus.  Such behavior will result in immediate termination of service with no refund.  Guests under the age of 21 are NOT permitted to drink alcoholic beverages.  Guests of the legal drinking age are welcome to bring their own alcohol on a party bus.


Drug use by minors/adults is prohibited by law and will not be tolerated or permitted on Teyana’s Rides limo party bus.  The customer will pay any fines incurred. In addition, the driver has the right to terminate services without a refund.


Route Instructions

*Route instructions should be specified no less than a week before your trip.  Be sure to give the pick-up time and location and the drop-off address.


Drivers are not authorized to exceed the number of passengers stated in your contract.  This is in violation of state law and insurance guidelines.


Drive Time

Charges begin from the scheduled pickup time and continue until the minimum order has been fulfilled or until the last drop-off, whichever is greater. In addition, return drive time is charged for services to other cities.


Extended times for all rentals must be cleared with the chauffeur or a T2X team member in advance and are subject to availability.



Overtime will apply after the first 30 minutes of prearranged time described on the run sheet.



Additional time due to traffic, weather, construction, etc., is not the responsibility of Teyana’s Rides LLC and may be charged at our discretion.


Teyana’s Rides LLC is not responsible for articles left in the vehicle/limousine.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Card Holder must be present with a valid form of ID and credit card(s) used to reserve/purchase services rendered upon arrival of the date scheduled and agreed upon by parties involved in this legally binding agreement.  If the cardholder is not present upon arrival on the date scheduled for services rendered, said company will not perform services.  We look forward to serving you.  We will contact you 48 hours before your reservation date to discuss and confirm your details.  Thank you again for choosing Teyana’s Rides to serve your luxury transportation needs.


Teyana’s Rides contracts with transportation companies that meet all the state requirements and guidelines to fulfill our client’s needs.  These companies provide discounted rates that we pass on to our customers.  Teyana’s Rides bills our customers the initial service charge, and the company providing the service will charge the remaining balance 7 days before the trip.

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